How to paint metal cabinet pulls

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One of the simplest ways to update the look of cabinetry or furniture is to refinish the hardware. Small pieces of hardware like metal drawer pulls can be painted. Durable cabinet hardware is worth keeping even if its finish is This is important whether the hardware is made from metal, wood or plastic. Rub steel wool on the surface of each pull to remove any leftover grime. Sanding Spray the paint on the cabinet pulls using smooth, even strokes. Allow the.

It's easy to update a piece of furniture by giving the hardware a little Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}: How to Spray Paint Cabinet Hardware Like A Pro. Learn the 6 easy steps for how to paint hardware and make it last. It's easy to update a piece of furniture by giving the hardware a little makeover. How To Paint Drawer Pulls and a Dresser Old Drawers, Painted Drawers, . Quick Tip Friday Restore Furniture Hardware super fine steel wool and white.

Once your hardware is completely dry, grab your favorite spray paint (most people use Here's a little sneak peek of my recent cabinet makeover. I'm looking to update a desk with those L-shaped, gold metal pieces that are. Painting drawer hardware is really easy to do and can Sanding will give the wood/metal handles a little “tooth” so the primer and paint will. This is how I spray paint the hardware that I reuse on the pieces that I paint. . love the design of your drawer pulls, but you don't like the color: paint them! This post explains the correct way to spray paint those old metal pulls. Wondering if you can paint your cabinet hardware? Read on With metal hardware, the job is never that simple — or quite so straightforward. Has anyone else successfully sanded their metal hardware before spraying it? How To Paint Your Cabinets (Hallelujah, They're Done!).

I tested 5 different brands of silver spray paint to find the best one when spray painting metal hardware on cabinets and drawers. | Some of you suggested keeping the top cabinet pulls silver and leaving the bottom ones blue. . Ask at Lowes for specific spray paint for metal. Learn the 6 easy steps for how to paint hardware and make it last. You can use synthetic steel wool (I always have SSW on hand and use it for so many things) to help A Grey Cabinet with Washed Doors (Before & After). We've been talking a lot about painting kitchen cabinets lately. And we've made it pretty clear that you're supposed to remove all the hardware.

The longer the hardware simmered, I could see the paint starting to flake off. I pulled out a cup pull, and used a metal spoon to see how loose. Even a few bops of metallic finish—on sconces, drawer pulls, and metallic spray paint (which comes in every shade of metal imaginable). The cabinet door handles are polished brass and a traditional style I used a good quality spray paint for metal and then clear coated them. How to Spray Paint Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Knobs. by Lindsay Ballard They were tarnished brass, so I cleaned them with steel wool. Then.