Short grinding noise when starting car

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I have a Honda accord , I notice the grinding nose at initial start, cold weather or hot, still makes the grinding noise as engine starts up. Grinding noise when you turn the key in the ignition? This is a temporary situation and should resolve itself in a short time. to inspect the entire starting system and determine the source and cause of the grinding noise. Without an operable ignition system, your engine will not crank and your car will be unable to move. Is the grinding noise coming from the starter as it is being turned, or from the engine when it is starting up? The starter will grind when it is.

'Ignore your car's moans and groans at your own peril,' says 'the SA Motor Industry Workshop Association as it lists 10 warning noises that. Honda Accord /Civic:Why Starter Making Grinding Noise 1. voltage to the starting circuit causing the starter solenoid to partially engage which can create a grinding Find out what engine codes mean for all car makes and car brands. Recently I've had an intermittent problem where when I turn the key in the ignition the car starts and then immediately I hear this grinding noise. The internet has.

Hi, I recently came across a problem with where I get a scraping/grinding noise ( possibly from the starter) when I start the car. It never happens. Only hear the grinding noise in the morning after starting the cold Does the noise occur during starting, or after the car is running? You can narrow the issue down by pulling off the serp belt and running your short testing. Sometimes when I start my car it makes a weird cranking/grinding noise for half a second. Brief Engine Knock/Rattle Noise at Cold Startup. Toyota Corolla has started to make a grinding noise when starting. Matrix vehicles may exhibit a brief knock/rattle noise from the engine. Does anyone else notice a short grinding noise on start up of their CR -V? Once in a while when the engine is cold, on start up for about a.

Car has been running fine except for occasionally hearing a grinding noise from under the intake manifold when I start the car. I feel it's the. In that case, you will hear loud grinding noises when starting the car. As a result, there will be a short circuit in the starter's motor and smoke. Start the car. If the grinding noise starts right away or is present anytime the engine is running, pop the hood. If the grinding hasn't started yet, skip to step three. Anyone else dealt with a grinding noise when turning on your car from a cold start? Probably there Weird noises during cold start are a given. . Mine sounds like a maraca if its too cold out for a brief second after startup.

Hello all. I am getting an occasional brief grinding noise when I start my car when its cold. Mind you, this is So Cal cold - so like 40s to 50s. Its. Loud grinding noise and car won't start!! Discussion in . Monticello, Ky. Vehicle: TRD Off-Road Radiant Red 4X4 Double cab Short bed.